Johnston-Blessman Post 38

Operation A.L.F.


Providing caring comfort to children whenever and wherever needed


Operation A.L.F. is the premier program of the Sons of The American Legion, Detachment of Wisconsin.

Our cute and cuddly pup is ready whenever and wherever the need arises to provide comfort and help children through the challenges of a parent’s deployment. While nothing can replace a mother or father in uniform deploying halfway across the world, the Sons of The American Legion is hoping our comfort-pup can soften the pains of separation.

Who can get an Operation A.L.F. pup?

Quite simply, children in need of comfort!

Whether it be a child hospitalized for a serious medical issue or the children of deploying parents, the Wisconsin Sons of The American Legion are proud to provide an A.L.F. puppy to children who need a soft cuddly companion to help them cope with difficult times in their lives.

There is never any cost to the families, the puppies are give with our best wishes for the health and happiness of their children. Donations are gratefully accepted to keep this program funded for as long as there are children in need.

How can you help?

Please consider a donation by downloading our Donation Form  and indicating the funds for Operation A.L.F.

For more information you can contact ALF via email at




Updated: 14 October 2021